1. Timeframes

    It’s often easy to specify short and medium term goals, such as upgrading your house, purchasing an investment property or putting the kids through private schooling. Longer term goals, however, may be harder to define. As such, long-term goals may be less precise, “To live comfortably in retirement”, for example.

    Notwithstanding, we can assist you in deciding what it is you desire and what is required to get you there.

  2. Borrowing to invest

    This is where you have a reasonable and steady level of surplus income and want to make it really work for you. Borrowing to invest or “gearing” is a strategy that can accelerate wealth creation, however, this strategy also carries a considerable level of risk. We will determine whether this strategy may be appropriate for you and help you through the process, including minimising and mitigating the associated risk where possible.

  3. Managed investments

    There are a huge number of managed funds available for invetsment, each with their own approach, management, performance and fees. Fortunately, this also means that there are bound to be a few that suit your individual situation. We are here to help you find a mix which will work for you.


    You can invest in shares directly or indirectly (through managed funds). We are constantly reviewing and analysing company performance, dividend yields and broader market trends in order to keep abreast of the suitability of markets for investment, both in Australia and overseas. Sometimes shares can be an effective investment vehicle for certain circumstances with fully franked dividends an attractive and tax effective way to build an income stream. Your circumstances will determine just how suitable investing in the share market can be, and if you are investing yourself, you can also use us as a sounding board or second opinion when formulating your strategy.

  5. Direct property

    Property investment can be an efficient strategy – it’s decidedly a popular one. But it does tie up considerable capital and generally involves relatively large debts and long timeframes. We take a balanced view and help you to understand how direct property investment may fit into your overall portfolio, as well as putting alternative investment strategies in perspective for you.

  6. Tax-effective wealth creation

    We will look at options for you to manage your tax burden, always keeping in mind the trade-off between a tax effective investment vehicle which may provide sub-optimal returns, as compared to a higher performing investment which offers little or no tax advantages. We will guide you through the decision making process regarding the suitability of such investments.

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