Whilst you can do little to ease the grief of your passing, you can do a lot to ensure your family and loved ones are looked after financially and that your assets are managed as per your wishes.

First and foremost, it is vital that you establish a Will and consider in depth who you believe is best equipped to administer your estate, along with how and to whom you wish to distribute your assets. This is essential in preventing generic state legislation from potentially causing delays, confusion and legal challenges at a time when you will not have the opportunity to clarify what it was that you wanted to happen.

A Power of Attorney is another important consideration, allowing you to nominate a trusted person or persons to make health and/or financial decisions on your behalf.

Our experienced team can help you with estate planning by:

  • Discussing and assisting with the decision about how to distribute assets and suggesting other strategies that may be beneficial should your financial or family situation be complex
  • Structuring your investments and even insurance to ensure sufficient assets are available for your dependants upon your passing
  • What to do with your superannuation when you die, as this will not automatically form part of your estate
  • Reminding you of the importance of reviewing your Estate Planning documentation regularly to ensure that it remains relevant and up-to-date

The list of estate planning considerations and issues goes on, and it requires legal, as well as financial expertise. However, you can rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way, liaising with your nominated solicitor, ensuring that your affairs are in order.

We are also able to support your beneficiaries during the estate administration process and beyond. We will assist them in determining the best way to transfer assets through your estate to meet their goals and objectives whilst keeping in mind other important considerations such as:

  • Tax planning issues
  • Fairness of asset distributions
  • Continuing existing investments to provide continued wealth accumulation or management depending on their stage in life.
  • Most importantly, we are available to help and guide them through what can be a very confusing and confronting experience at an extremely emotional and trying time in their lives.

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