“Matt and I have a trusted relationship and I highly value his advice. His support staff are excellent. I am extremely impressed and satisfied with the service that is provided to me, and I have highly recommended his financial planning services and skills to friends and family members. Our financial review planning sessions, regular contact and updates and advice are invaluable.”

“We interact with Matthew & the staff almost as family. We trust them absolutely.”

“We are of a generation where everything we have has been achieved by hard work, sacrifice and commitment. To trust other people with our life’s portfolio is a big undertaking for us. We feel that our trust is respected by Matt and previously by Fred.”

“Pleasant, courteous and genuinely happy to talk to us at any time, knows when to steer talks in a different direction for the betterment of us.”

“They offer prompt, professional and knowledgeable service. They know us personally and make us feel like we are their very best client (even when we know otherwise).”

“Always readily available & accessible when try to make contact with them. Very professional in their conduct, listen to any request & always have offered sound & practical advice.”

Independent client experience research conducted by Core Data Research Australia

Advice You Can Depend On

Protection against the unexpected

Lisa Ryan first became a client of Matthew Parrish’s in 2003. She initially needed investment advice, and soon after she asked Mathew to review her personal insurance as well.

At that time, Lisa had life and disability insurance through her super fund. After reviewing her financial situation, Matthew advised Lisa to roll over her existing super into a new fund and increase her life and disability cover.

He also recommended that she take out income protection and trauma outside her super to provide extra financial support if she ever suffered a serious illness.

In 2007 Lisa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and began to undergo treatment. However, she decided not to make a claim against her trauma insurance.

“Although I had to have surgery, I didn’t have any chemotherapy so I didn’t think it was warranted to make a claim at that time,” Lisa explained.



Lisa Ryan

In 2011, four years after her original diagnosis, Lisa was struck by a secondary cancer that required chemotherapy. Matthew helped organise Lisa’s trauma claim, and within a month she received a payout from her insurance.

Lisa commented: “All I had to do was send Matt the medical reports he needed. He handled everything else and I didn’t have to deal with any of it.”

A steadying influence

Recently Lisa has had to undergo another course of chemotherapy, although she’s still able to work and is confident of a positive outcome. She also has peace of mind in knowing she has the money from her insurance claim put away in case she ever needs to spend it on her health.

“Having that money set aside is a bit like extra insurance – I know it’s there if I ever need it,” Lisa said. “Matt has always guided me and has been a steadying influence when it comes to spending. He’s really helped me realise how important it is to put something away for a rainy day.”

As well as regularly reviewing Lisa’s insurance cover, Matthew keeps a close eye on her investments. Lisa is now reaping the rewards of a managed fund investment that Matthew recommended to her several years ago, which is now helping to fund her daughter’s university education.

Matthew has also advised Lisa to start salary sacrificing part of her income into super, so she can stay on track towards achieving her financial goals for the future.

Lisa commented: “Having Matt as my financial adviser has been a great experience, we get on extremely well. He’s very meticulous and I like how realistic and upfront he is about my finances – he doesn’t try to sugar coat everything. Matt has always given me correct advice and I’d never doubt anything he tells me.”

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